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bare feet, open mind

Moved by her own experience of yoga and travel, YorYoga was created by Kremena Yordanova in 2012. What started out as a casual yoga class for colleagues, developed into a mindset: yoga for everyone, anytime, anywhere. YorYoga is now a collective of yoga guides eager to share their experience and take you on a journey to a balanced lifestyle.

YorYoga stands for making yoga more accessible to busy professionals and bringing serenity to a hectic lifestyle. We believe in socially responsible choices. We love drinking tea and using yoga to express our values. We travel to places to deepen our experience and help others do the same. Organizing events, retreats, workshops and weekly yoga classes is just small part of what we do.

— Our Philosophy —

YorYoga helps you find balance in YorLife, something that is much needed these days. At YorYoga we put YorWellbeing in the center of all we do. With an easy-flow physical, philosophical, and musical yoga practice, you can start to disconnect from YorEgo and connect with YorSoul.

With a mixture of ancient yogic traditions and modern life experiences, YorYoga teaches you to find YorBalance in all aspects of life. On the mat and on the street.

This is YorYoga – Bare feet, open mind.