YorYoga classes provide a personal and exclusive yoga experience that will calm your mind and move your body. Classes link breathing techniques with creative movements and are designed for all experience levels. Each session features setting a personal intention in a calm and relaxing environment , accompanied by gentle music and essences. YorYoga helps you tap into your real self. Sweat, flow and inspire others.

— Type —

YorYoga Strong Flow is creative and funky, while being strongly rooted in the Hatha tradition and mixed with Strala inspiration. It is perfect for detaching from your daily routine.

YorYoga Relax Flow is a calm Yin approach to the traditional Hatha poses with modern and fun twist.

— Level —

All, from the very beginner to the most advanced

1. Private Classes

YorYoga private classes are designed and tailored entirely to your needs. The time, place, and length are up to you. Set your intention - weight loss, injury or illness recovery, or simply meditation and relaxation. Just name your goal, and YorYoga will help bring you there. Private classes are held either at a studio, or at a location convenient to you - before, after, or during your workday. Private sessions are arranged for 1-on-1, couples, or small groups. All ages and experience levels can participate in the practice. With a more intimate and tailored experience, YorYoga will guide you on your very personal journey. Indulge yourself, move and meditate.

2. Workshops

Carefully selected yoga themes are the core of each workshop. Presented in an easy and understandable way, the sessions leave a long-lasting impression of the experience. Each workshop will help develop your personal practice and will enrich your knowledge. YorYoga also helps bring diversity to your flow, by inviting the best yoga guides . Each workshop is held in a small group and in a tranquil atmosphere.

3. Retreats

What better way to reward yourself then joining us for a retreat. YorYoga brings you to exiting and diverse destinations. On YorRetreat, you are given the time to explore the local culture, recharge and enjoy a well-deserved break. Each retreat is designed with the passion for yoga: a daily practice in the nature, great food and a relaxing environment are just small part of what you can experience with us.