— Kremena Yordanova —

Founder and owner of YorYoga, Kremena is a self-taught entrepreneur with a touch of creativity, who has found a way to combine her passion for yoga with a corporate career. Now she teaches others how to achieve balance and self-awareness by incorporating yoga practice in their lives.

Born and raised in a small Bulgarian town, Kremena never anticipated the positive impact yoga would have on her life. She didn’t start practicing yoga until she moved to the Netherlands in 2006, at the age of 23. As she started her career at Reebok, Kremena continued her daily practice in the office gym and immediately caught the attention of her colleagues. She was given the opportunity to teach yoga to employees in 2008 and she has being doing so ever since.

Kremena became a certified yoga instructor in 2012. The same year she met Tara Stiles, founder of Strala yoga, and in 2013 she took the Strala teacher training in San Francisco. The easy approach in Strala yoga is very appealing to Kremena’s personal belief that yoga should be a pleasurable journey and not a competition.

Her flair for teaching and organizing weekly yoga classes, special workshops and events was what motivated her to contact more yoga professionals to join her mission of sharing yoga with the working professionals.

Kremena fuses the philosophy of yoga with modern-day life as the basis of her teachings in yoga. Her realistic, straight-up, and modern attitude has made her favorite teacher in both Amsterdam and The Hague.