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Rethink yor Inner Balance.

bare Feet, Open mind. 



YorYoga stands for making yoga more accessible to busy professionals and bringing serenity to a hectic lifestyle. We believe in socially responsible choices.

We love drinking tea and using yoga to express our values.

We travel to places to deepen our experience and help others do the same. Organizing events, retreats, workshops and weekly yoga classes is just small part of what we do. 


Upcoming Events


Yor Journey starts here


Fun, challenging and always worth turning up for. Kremena teaches weekly in her base town Amsterdam.



Amazing yoga flows that inspire you to approach your goals and make you feel good. The YorYoga workshops are strong and in the same time softening. The perfect blend for any level of practitioner.



Playful and rejuvenating, out retreats are here to serve as your haven of peace and serenity. We organize retreats worldwide and all year along.

An experience like nothing else
— Attendee
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