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Seaside Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Iryna & Kremena

The Seaside Yoga & Meditation Retreat is your time and space to relax, discover your inner calm and peace of mind through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. All in the luxurious setting of the Yogabee retreat centre with sauna and swimming pool. A short walk away from the beach and the nearby charming village of Domburg.


Every morning will begin with an energizing Vinyasa/Strala yoga flow for a fresh start of the day followed by a nutritious breakfast.

Afterward, you will have time to relax – go for a beach walk, a swim in the pool or unwind in the sauna. We’ll get together for a delicious warm lunch, followed by an immersion into Mindfulness workshop.

Before dinner, you can join a restorative Yin yoga session with Hatha Pranayama breathing and a focus on releasing muscle tension and opening your chest and shoulder area.

We will end the day with a delightful vegetarian dinner and if you like a glass of wine, and a guided meditation session for a good night sleep.