YorYoga stands for making yoga more accessible to busy professionals and bringing serenity to a hectic lifestyle. We believe in socially responsible choices.

We love drinking tea and using yoga to express our values.

We travel to places to deepen our experience and help others do the same. Organizing events, retreats, workshops and weekly yoga classes is just small part of what we do. 


Moved by her own experience of yoga and travel, YorYoga was created by Kremena Yordanova in 2012. What started out as a casual yoga class for colleagues, developed into a mindset: yoga for everyone, anytime, anywhere. YorYoga is now a collective of yoga guides eager to share their experience and take you on a journey to a balanced lifestyle. 


"De uit Bulgarije afkomstige Kremena Yordanova (33) is een van de pioniers van Strala Yoga in Nederland. De bedenker en grondlegger van Strala Yoga is Tara Stiles" — Wendy magazine

"За нея йога е свобода и платформа за изразяване на креативността, която всички носим в себе си." — Om Yoga & lifestyle Bulgaria

"Fuse Corporate With Calm; YorYoga Founder Kremena" — episode 389 of Mindfulness mode with Bruce Langford


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Kremena never anticipated that yoga would become such an integral part of her daily life. Born and raised in a small Bulgarian town close to the Black Sea, she was never exposed to Eastern philosophy. After graduating high school she left her home country in an attempt not so much to find herself but to find a job that could support her. With her down to earth approach to all life situations, she managed to adapt and excel continuously. A self-taught entrepreneur with a touch of creativity, her career path brought her from junior purser on a cruise ship to the corporate world and blended yoga on the way.

Kremena moved to the Netherlands in 2006 at the age of 23 where she took her first ever yoga class and felt in love with it. She soon realised that with regular practice, yoga could truly be life-changing. Kremena moved back to Bulgaria for 6 months where she practiced twice a day every day with Hristo Iliev and was sure that yoga would forever be part of her life. Back in the Netherlands, she started working for Reebok. One day while practicing a routine in the office gym, she found herself surrounded by people who were interested in learning what that was. She was given the opportunity to teach yoga to co-workers in 2008 and has been doing so ever since. Kremena acquired her basic yoga instructor education in Utrecht in 2012 with Yoga Point, affiliate of the European Yoga Federation. She took part in all yoga retreats organised by the Bulgarian yoga federation in the following years. Organising weekly yoga classes, special workshops and events was what motivated her to contact more yoga teachers to join her mission of sharing yoga to young professionals.

In 2012, Kremena met Tara Stiles, founder of Strala yoga, and the following year she took the Strala teacher training in San Francisco. The seemingly effortless approach of Strala yoga was very appealing to Kremena’s personal belief that yoga should be a pleasurable journey and not a competition.

As a successful entrepreneur with a full-time corporate career, Kremena is thoroughly aware of the demands of modern life. “Through practicing yoga, I found a way to reconnect with my inner self, to get in touch with my feelings and bring much needed peace and balance into everything I do. Discovering and practicing Strala yoga has been life changing for me, as it incorporates everything I stand for and want to achieve. Now all I want to do is bring the joy and radiance of Strala to others” - Kremena comments. And that’s exactly what she has been doing through her enterprise YorYoga. Since founding it in 2012, Kremena has organised seven international Yoga, Food and Wine retreats, multiple workshops and has taught countless Strala classes.

Kremena unites the philosophy of yoga with modern day life as the basis of her teachings. Her realistic, grounded and contemporary approach has made her a sought after teacher in both Amsterdam and The Hague.